Experts Engaged in Performance Improvement

Streamlined practices. Optimized performance. Continuous improvement. From Federal agencies to government contractors, everyone is striving for the same things—increased effectiveness and budget optimization. Agility is key. So are repeatable processes. The challenge is in creating lasting change without creating distress.

Government Contract Solutions (GCS) can help. From gaining buy-in and ensuring compliance to optimizing the business processes of your contracts and procurement, we have the tools, best practices and expertise to create lasting efficiencies in your people, processes and technologies.

Improve your performance with our unique expertise.

When it comes to optimizing the budgets and processes of your acquisitions and contracts, GCS brings a unique array of experience to the table. First, our extensive background in program management, systems engineering and integration, financial management and acquisition lifecycle management means we have deep, intimate knowledge of the processes, technologies, culture issues, budgets and other variables that drive your mission.

Over the years we've also amassed significant knowledge of the best practices and standards that permeate multiple areas of performance improvement within your organization. Add our command of Lean Six Sigma strategies to that cache of knowledge and GCS has an impressive toolkit from which to create an objective, customized solution to fit your culture.

Finally, we practice what we preach. GCS operates under ISO-9001:2008 and CMMI principles, our people hold key certifications steeped in the principles of continuous learning and we've also applied Lean Six Sigma within our own organization to streamline processes. We understand the cultural aspects of change from both the perspective of the implementer and the implementee. Combine that with our knowledge of the contracts and acquisitions processes we're creating performance solutions around, and you've got a powerful recipe for success.

Optimize business processes and improve organizational performance.

Using proven tools, industry benchmarks and best practices, an impressive palette of lessons learned and Lean-Six-Sigma-inspired methodologies, GCS helps you optimize your acquisition and contracting processes to achieve significant performance improvements that impact your entire enterprise.

We begin with a thorough analysis and assessment of your people, processes, policies, and infrastructure tools to identify performance gaps. From there, we design and develop a comprehensive action plan to streamline processes for maximum agility, performance, and compliance. Each analysis compares acquisition and contracting operations against benchmarks, identifies issues and recommends actions/options to improve efficiency and effectiveness. GCS then helps guide the execution of the recommended process changes.

Nail the Two C's of Performance Improvement—Compliance and Cooperation.

The process of performance improvement has a lot of moving parts, but the two areas most government-related programs hinge on are compliance and cooperation. Keeping up with and implementing federal and agency regulations is at the heart of everything we do at GCS. So you can rest-assured your new processes will have compliance measures built in.

Cooperation or buy in is, ultimately, where performance improvement solutions succeed or fail. GCS is adept at aligning stakeholders’ expectations across functions despite disparity between their needs and desired outcomes. We facilitate cross-functional collaboration among appropriate staff in contracting, subcontracting, program management, finance, human resources, IT, the user community and more.

The result is not only a solution that all disciplines can claim ownership of, but also more effective enterprise integration and control of risk mitigation, budgeting, scheduling, technical issues, compliance and staffing.

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