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The success of your individual programs is key to supporting the effectiveness of your agency's overall mission. Sometimes internal resources need additional expertise, qualifications or availability to manage the project. Other times, third-party management is key to ensuring stakeholders' interests are objectively served.

Whether you're initiating a multi-million dollar green construction project, adding to your fleet, entering the cloud, refining your PMO office or managing your organization's systems engineering and integration, Government Contract Solutions (GCS) has the experienced, ITIL-, DAWIA- and PMP-certified professionals to help guide your mission to successful completion. Operating under ISO-9001:2008 and CMMI Level 3 principles and adhering to PMBOK guidelines, GCS also has the skills, best practices and repeatable processes to protect budgets, improve performance and mitigate risks along the way.

If program management is about careful oversight from a big picture perspective, GCS aims for seeing the bigger picture beyond the big picture.

Leverage an innovative approach to program management.

If program management is about careful oversight from a big picture perspective, GCS aims for seeing the bigger picture beyond the big picture. We approach projects with an eye to how they interact not only within their own stated parameters, but also within your organization or across disciplines. By doing so, your project can achieve greater stakeholder buy-in, more visibility and longer, more far-reaching success.

Our strength in acquisition management and financial management also gives us a unique perspective, driving cost savings, incremental buy-in and risk management every step of the way. Our years of experience in these disciplines help us bridge the gap between procurement and program management, ensuring your entire team is working toward a common goal.

Simplify the complex with expert leadership and services.

No matter how complex your project is, success hinges on how well your program's costs, schedule, buy-in and risks are managed. With decades of proven experience and an impressive cache of best practices, those are the areas in which GCS excels.

While we remain vendor-independent, our skills are backed by industry-leading tools, as well as a relentless determination to keep quality high and minimize costs. We stay engaged every step of the way to ensure your project is delivered on-time and within budget, while maintaining objective oversight of the following key project areas:

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  • PMO Startup. GCS helps set up a charter, governance structure, communications strategy and organizational structure for your project management organization, identifying key resources and stakeholders along the way.
  • Project Scope. GCS' takes a collaborative approach to program scope and parameter definition, objectives, and baselines. We follow through by helping achieve consensus on your final requirements definition document, which then drives development of detailed work structures, scope change controls, and more.
  • Cost, Schedule & Performance Management. From analyzing program data and tracking resources to management and measurement of contractor performance and outcomes, GCS leverages proven tools and techniques to measure the financial performance of your project and integrate its various processes throughout the lifecycle.
  • then drives development of detailed work structures, scope change controls, and more.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control. From helping you define the metrics, measures and processes for monitoring quality performance to ensuring appropriate quality controls are integrated throughout the entire acquisition lifecycle, our proven approach helps improve efficiencies, save money and achieve performance goals. Our QA/QC plans are fully compliant with government regulations including Office of Federal Procurement Policy standards as well as Lean Six Sigma and other relevant industry best practices and continuous performance improvement programs.
  • Risk Management. As part of our thorough PMBOK-best-standards-based strategic planning process, we conduct a qualitative risk analysis and then develop a risk management plan to address and control program threats.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. GCS' certified program managers understand the value of stakeholder participation, buy in and ownership of your project. As a result, we orient our communication and listening skills toward understanding needs and dynamics to ensure successful outcomes everyone can feel good about.
  • Financial Management. From financial and budget analyses to financial reporting and reconciliation GCS offers end-to-end financial support.

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