Experts Engaged in Systems Engineering

Throughout the Federal government, intelligence and contracting communities, the pressure is greater than ever to produce faster results, while also optimizing costs. Your technology and IT infrastructure not only enable these objectives, they're the key focus of them as integration timeframes and system lifecycle costs come under sharp scrutiny.

Government Contract Solutions (GCS) makes achieving those goals realistic through innovative systems engineering, technology integration and acquisition lifecycle management services, based on best practices and tailored to meet the breadth of your organizational goals. Known for our program management and performance improvement capabilities, we unite our strong integration and systems knowledge with the specialized skills you need to ensure your cost, performance, quality, timing and agility goals are met.

Add value to your initiative with highly qualified systems engineering experts.

When it comes to systems engineering and integration, no two initiatives are ever the same. Because architecting systems and integrating complex solutions bring a unique set of challenges with every engagement, it's critical to have the breadth of knowledge GCS offers on your team. Our experts have the proficiency gleaned from countless integrations, and they possess complementary project management certifications, such as DAWIA, ITIL and PMP to add a higher level of support, value and proficiency to every project they undertake.

This level of experience is critical, not only when it comes to integrating disparate systems, but also in preserving your existing technology investments and extending your capabilities. Our proven problem-solving skills, combined with our knowledge of software and hardware engineering makes us exceptionally qualified to pull your systems together in a timely, effective and value-driven manner.

Further, our vendor-neutrality empowers us with full control over the implementation process and freedom from conflict when it comes to lifecycle planning. Perhaps more than anything, however, GCS is continually praised for our teamwork and relationship-building skills, which bears critical impact on the ultimate success of long-term projects.

Establish a firm foundation for your system through expert design and development.

The first step in the systems engineering lifecycle is to translate your organization's—and your users'—needs into a strategic plan. GCS's project definition phase includes the following three components:

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  • Concept Development. GCS undertakes a thorough investigation of the needs of both your mission and your users' needs, then expresses them through a high-level concept definition and set of operational necessities.
  • Requirements and Architecture. Requirements and Architecture. We analyze and streamline the stated prerequisites of your stakeholders to engineer the requirements and processes your system needs to include. Then we interpret those in an inspired system architecture and conceptual design that meets your overall requirements.
  • Detailed Design. The final step of the project definition stage is detailed design specifications that, when approved, will act as the blueprint for your integration.

Implement your program through systems integration.

Once the requirements and system design are complete, GCS's professionals integrate the system's components into an operational whole. This phase is where all the interoperability issues will be addressed and the technical savvy of your team will be tested. At this point, the exceptional agility, breadth of knowledge and innovative problem-solving capabilities of your GCS team plays a critical role in the differentiation of our organization over others.

Test and validate your system for flawless performance.

Throughout the project testing and validation phase of your project, your system will be tested, verifying and validating its effectiveness in meeting users' needs and the defined requirements from the design phase. The system is also verified for reliability, security and interoperability. Once tested, your system can then go live and operational.

Count on GCS for the full lifecycle of your systems.

From financial planning to acquisitions, you cannot underestimate the value of lifecycle planning when it comes to systems engineering. The vision and innovation that GCS brings to the table is paramount to meeting your critical goals of cost-effectiveness and staying ahead of the technological curve.

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