Experts Engaged in Financial Management

As financial resources decrease and oversight increases in the federal sector, the way you manage your budgets becomes more critical to what you're able to achieve. Whether you need to prepare for an audit or find a way to fit your programs into a shrinking budget, Government Contract Solutions (GCS) can help.

With significant experience in acquisition lifecycle management and program management, GCS brings a unique and objective perspective to the challenge. From systems engineering and integration initiatives to the acquisition of transportation fleets, we know our way around government budgets and have the tools, techniques, subject matter expertise, resources and original thinking needed to make them go farther.

Make value part of your financial management equation.

GCS is a woman-owned small business with the acumen of a large organization. And that is our strength. We employ savvy CPAs and CFMs. We have experience with government financial systems, including both commercial and customized applications. We understand government financial processes. And we use cutting-edge techniques and best-of-breed tools.

But what makes us different is that we attack your challenge at the right level with the appropriate solution sets. Our performance improvement skills help us maximize process and human effectiveness, while our acquisitions-honed talent for creating cost efficiencies helps ensure you get the best service for the best price. Put it all together and, whether we're performing cost estimation, providing budgetary support or delivering audit readiness services, we're valuable experts to have on your team.

Get more from your budgets with expert financial services.

Putting a fresh or objective eye on your finances can make all the difference when it comes to preparing for an audit or aligning your budget to agency goals. GCS adds that critical, third-party validation and subject-matter expertise that delivers meaningful results when it comes to:

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  • Cost Estimation. GCS team’s best practices and proven methodologies pair well with our keen eye for costs and budgets to help validate your quotes, find opportunities for efficiencies and inform your decision making so you can prioritize expenditures and spend more effectively.
  • Budget Analysis. Does your spending support your budgetary, departmental and/or agency-wide goals? GCS delivers the strategic mapping, forecasting and gap analysis expertise to determine the answer to that question and ensure your spending moves into strategic alignment with your goals.
  • Audit Readiness and Support. GCS delivers the independent verification and validation services you need for audit readiness. We'll help you reduce risk and protect your budget by validating the soundness of your financial processes, identifying gaps and ensuring alignment with federal policies and procedures.


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