Experts Engaged in Agile Acquisition

Whether you need ships, enterprise systems engineering or talent to help serve your mission, chances are there's pressure on you to procure it yesterday. Government Contract Solutions (GCS) understands that scenario because acquisition is what we do. Under pressure. Within tight budgets. Under stringent oversight. Effectively. Every day since 1995.

Our depth of experience in acquisition management enables us to manage risks, work in increment sprints, reduce costs, maintain complete transparency and satisfy stakeholder's needs for fast results. It's known as agile acquisition. And it's our strong suit.

See results throughout the entire acquisition lifecycle.

GCS brings added value to the table by using acquisition as a way to drive efficiencies within your organization. We do that by taking a highly consultative approach that engages stakeholders early and addresses your core needs from the strategy phase all the way through source selection and execution.

Our DAWIA-certified experts work incrementally and transparently,
managing risk and refining approaches along the way.

The result is an audit-ready acquisition process that quickly creates impact and makes progress, regardless of what you need to acquire—from aircraft parts and fleets to technology and office supplies. Count on GCS to manage every need within the acquisition lifecycle effectively, agilely and efficiently:

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  • Acquisition Strategy and Planning. Align your acquisitions with agency objectives and start gaining stakeholder buy-in from the beginning. GCS balances individual needs with those of the agency, meeting performance metrics, time constraints and budgets along the way. The result is a strategic and defensive acquisition plan that delivers on both program and stakeholder objectives.
  • Policy Planning & Implementation. Gain buy-in to new acquisition policies through strategic planning and implementation from GCS. From research and trend analysis to recommendations, needs assessments and agency-wide communications, our innovative thinking and proven expertise delivers the added advantage you need to get results.
  • Requirements Generation. Translate your agency's mission and needs into realistic requirements that suppliers can respond to properly. GCS is adept at preparing Requests for Proposals, Statements of Work, and other requirements documentation that reflect—and elicit—a deep understanding of the mission at hand and what success looks like.
  • Source Selection. Maximize the impact of your source selection with GCS' meticulous eye for value. From briefings development and technical evaluation plants to oral presentations, advisement and cost and/or price analyses, our focus is on helping you make the best decisions for your bottom line.
  • Performance-Based Contracting. Count on best practices and a complete understanding of Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) guidelines in performance-based contracting solutions. GCS produces a Statement of Objectives that captures key agency goals and desired outcomes, and helps develop and execute service level agreements (SLAs) and quality assurance plans.
  • Transition to Program Execution. Maintain consistent expertise throughout the acquisition lifecycle with GCS' program management team. Count on us to manage execution, assess performance, develop performance-based measures, perform quality assurance, support workforce planning, ensure compliance and facilitate effective communication throughout every phase of acquisition, strategic planning to successful implementation or adoption.

Ensure the integrity of your mission.

Whether a routine acquisition or a complex or sustainable one, you need to trust that meticulous processes and oversight are in place throughout every stage of the process to protect your mission. GCS has the experience, credentials and clearances to deliver peace of mind throughout every twist and turn of the process.

To us, acquisition isn't just a job. It's the skill set we've built our entire organization around, along with the program management, financial management, contract and grants management and performance improvement skills that reinforce it. It's truly what we do best, and we have the industry recognition to support that claim. So count on GCS not just to help you make an acquisition, but to also help you make a difference.

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