Experts Engaged in Your Community

Government Contract Solutions (GCS) is committed to giving back to the communities we serve and the environment that serves us. And we do it in a very personal and meaningful way for our people. Employees tell us about the organizations they volunteer with and give to in their communities. And those are the causes GCS supports. With offices in the Washington, DC area and across the country, we're able to make an impact in the communities that matter most to our employees and clients.

Create meaningful ways to give back.

In 2012, GCS' charitable giving ranged from a small church in Fort Worth, Texas to Appalachian outreach charities to clothing and food donations sent to Afghanistan. This employee-aided, community-centered program has grown in popularity, doubling in employee contributions every year. In fact, due to the campaign’s success, we’ve expanded it to take place twice a year since 2011. The touching stories behind these charities and the people who recommend them are featured in our newsletters, strengthening connections between employees and with the company and keeping them engaged in client and community interests.

In addition, GCS partners with government programs involved in helping wounded warriors and veterans find work after they return home. We also support national initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity and holiday giving to Washington, DC area families in need.

Support the environment through responsible stewardship.

GCS is proud to be part of LEED-certified teams through the program management and sustainable acquisition services we provide for Federal and commercial construction initiatives. In this capacity, we help renovate historic properties, as well as construct new, LEED-certified buildings. In both instances we're dedicated to making efficient use of resources and building more energy-efficient facilities.

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